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Over the span of his professional fishing career, Spence, has authored many, many fine articles on the "How To's" of becoming a better angler. On this page you will find a sampling of some of those fine articles and tips that Spence is famous for. We hope you enjoy them!

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  Fishing Articles 

Sifting The Slop
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Shallow, weedy bays aren't just choked with vegetation - they're full of muskies.
Little Thing Can Mean A Lot
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As more and more anglers are learning how to find fish, good technique takes on added importance.
Advanced Jigging Tactics For More Walleyes
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Without question, jigs have produced more walleyes than any other lure. They have been bounced along bottom, hung below floats and have even been retrieved at mid ranges for suspended fish. But no matter how good of a jig angler someone is, there are always skills to be sharpened and new tactics to learn.
Ice-Fishing Game Plan for More Panfish
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Years ago when anglers asked me about ice fishing, my standard reply was "I didn’t do it because I couldn’t master the art of casting into those small holes." But mid-winter is a tough time in the north. Our favorite lakes are covered with ice and hunting season is pretty much over. Out of desperation I began fishing for panfish, soon discovering a mid-winter treat that had long been ignored.
Deadly Tactics for Early-Season Panfish
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Nothing but ice for the last two months and it was driving me crazy. A recent spurt of warm weather had opened up a few tributaries that flowed into a local river, and reports of some nice crappies being caught had filtered back to me. But that was a few days ago when a warm sun peaked out, now it was cold and windy. Regardless of conditions, I had to get out for an hour or two, the winter doldrums had taken their toll.
Three Years, Three Eagle Lake Monsters!
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A short diary of three exception fish on three different trips!
Early Season Smallmouth
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At last the water temperature was right for smallmouths. After two days of fishing for walleyes and pike during a spring warm trend, the water temperature finally hit the magic 55° mark in the shallow bay near camp. As we slowly motored toward a sheltered section of shoreline along the north bank of a large sandy bay, I felt that the fishless areas of the last two days should now harbor cruising, hungry pre-spawn smallies ready to slam into our lures. My partner thought I was crazy, wondering how a shallow flat area that was barren of fish for several days, could suddenly come alive by having a water temperature increase of only a few degrees.
Slip Float Basics
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During the last few years many fishing magazines have had numerous high-tech articles on float fishing. But while recently thinking about putting some material together for my upcoming fishing schools, one of my golden rules came to mind, "don't assume anything about what you think anglers know--start with the absolute basics and go from there".
3 Spoon Techniques For More Pike
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Getting out-fished by someone in your boat is a humbling experience, but when that someone is a 13-year old, a jaw can get awful tight. At least I wasn't alone, as his father was also experiencing the same luck as I was having... watching the youngster catch 3-4 pike to our one. I couldn't figure it out.
Bass in the Slop
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Years ago I would have left clearer and/or shallower lakes during hot, bright days-now I thrive on these conditions!
"Jumbo Jigs" - A New Trend in Jigging
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Forget about "finesse" all the time! Savvy jig anglers are going to 5/8 to 1 1/2 ounce jigs to trigger strikes, and to achieve precision lure placement and absolute depth control.
A Day to Remember!
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"Here we go again", I thought as my partner Mike Zielonka put his third musky of the day into the net. Minutes later I finally connected with a nice fish. We were on our annual Lake of the Woods fall musky trip and Mike had seriously "big fished me" the last three years.

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Spence Petros fishing seminars, classes, articles and tips with one of America's top fishing educators on freshwater fishng.

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